When it comes to choosing a new entry door for your home, it can feel like a daunting decision. Not only is there an incredible selection of door styles to choose from, you also have to take into consideration the material of the door. For a long time, wood has been the material of choice for many homeowners. Its beauty and durability made this material ideal. But, with advancements in science and fabrication, wood is no longer the best choice. When it comes time to replace a door, most people turn to fibreglass and steel to safeguard their investment. Fibreglass and steel are both more resistant to the elements, easier on maintenance requirements, better on energy efficiency, and often a less expensive option than wood. But, how do they compare to each other? And what features do they come with? We’re glad you asked.


If you’re looking to have new doors installed on your home, you can’t go wrong with steel. This is a versatile material that comes with a lot of options. Some may even surprise you!

When you think of a steel door, do you picture an old rusting door on the back of a building that only gives access to an alleyway? While a reinforced steel door is great for rear door security, you can get a whole lot more style and elegance from steel than this. But it is important to note that when it comes to home security, steel might give a little more protection than fibreglass.

Do you want windows in your new doors? There is a wide selection of glass options available for steel doors. You don’t have to worry about fibreglass beating out steel in this department.

While steel is strong and durable, it is more prone to scratching and denting than fibreglass. Though it is possible to fix dents with an auto-body repair kit, and cover scratches with putty and paint, this is something to consider when getting steel.

Steel can become hot to the touch on a hot sunny day, but that heat isn’t going to easily get through the insulation that comes with these doors. You’re not going to lose any energy saving benefits by choosing steel.


It has been said by many experts that fibreglass comes with all the benefits of steel, without any of its limitations. This is only partly true. In almost every way, fibreglass doors are slightly better than steel. But this material will crack if it is struck hard. Steel will not. Here are some other things you may want to know about fibreglass.

There are many styles, colours, and grains to choose from when selecting fibreglass as the material for your new doors. If you’re looking for doors that will closely approximate the look of real wood, this is the best option.

With fibreglass, you don’t even have to think about rust. While it is fairly easy to keep a steel door rust-free, some homeowners prefer to not have to worry about it. If that sounds like you, fibreglass is the way to go.

Exposure to heat over time can cause doors to crack, swell, and warp, which can have an adverse effect on the frame and seal of an entry door. While steel and fibreglass are more resistant to this than wood, fibreglass is slightly better. This is a material that will hold up against extreme temperature fluctuations, and keep its shape for a long time, but you’ll have to pay a little more for this added durability.

When it comes to getting a new door for your home, you can’t go wrong with either of these two materials. If you’ve been thinking about upgrading, let Window World help. Schedule your free, no-obligation in-home estimate today, and let’s get started!