Your complimentary home visitation by one of our experienced and knowledgeable Renovation Consultants is simple to schedule. Call us at 506-877-0036. Our consultant accurately measures and checks existing surroundings for all replacement windows and doors while taking some photos to share with our installation experts. After that, the consultant will sit down with you and go through options and designs of new products.

Not up for a home visit? No problem. You can also arrange a meeting at our showroom to go through our products and options.

When all information is gathered, we’ll email an easy to follow quote in a few days. The quote will include prices and details of products as well as cost of installation.


Once you are happy with the quote and have signed the contract, we make another visit to your home with our Installation Manager for final measurements to ensure accuracy. When products are ready to be installed our Installation Coordinator will give you a call to set the installation date that is convenient for you. Please note that the installation date may have to be rescheduled due to weather or product delays or unforeseen circumstances.

Before Window World installers arrive:

To make installation process faster and prevent potential damages to your valuable items, please prepare work space before installers arrive.

  • Remove all window coverings like blinds and curtains, so we will have access to your windows.
  • Remove all plants and decorations from window sills and glass.
  • Move furniture underneath the window or fragile items right next to it at least three feet of distance. Of course, our installers will lend a hand if you need help to move a couch or other heavy items.
  • Secure your pet(s) in a safe place. Installers may have to leave your door open while moving products and tools.
  • Clear walkways of any debris, pet waste, or
  • Remove deck furniture if necessary.
  • Dismantling and reinstallation of alarm system is homeowner’s responsibility

installation day

1. When Window World installers arrive:

At first, our installers perform a quick safety assessment around work area. Then they cover your furniture and items to prevent dust from settling on them. They also lay down drop cloths to protect your floors.

3. Prepare rough opening:

Window World installers make sure the rough opening is free from debris and damages. If necessary, they replace or repair frames should they discover rot damage; this will result in an additional charge that your Renovation Consultant will discuss with you. If the window or door is a new opening, installers will cut out the wall to create a new rough opening.

5. Finishing and inspection:

Interior casings are installed after the product is fully installed. When the installation is complete, our installers vacuum and clean all work areas.
Finally, the lead installer walks through with you to fully inspect the job and ensure the installation meets your expectations. Together you complete the “Installation Check List”. During the walk-through our lead installer shows you how to operate the new window and/or door and responds to any of your questions.

2. Remove old products and materials:

Window World installers remove old products along with interior casing and exterior brick-mould with minimal exposing time during winter time and disturbance to existing interior walls and exterior sidings. Minor drywall or plaster repair may be required afterward at the customer’s expense. Window World will take care of disposing and recycling old products as a part of installation process.

4. Install new products and materials:

When the rough opening is ready, our installers put in the new product while ensuring it’s perfectly square, level, and plum by shimming around it. Framing screws steady the product. They apply expansion spray foam between the jamb and rough opening to insulate and completely secure the product. Our installers use Window World’s advanced and exclusive renovation enveloping method, created with our certified sealants and waterproof membranes, around the exterior brick-mould or nailing fin to prevent any potential water leakage.

Please note that the following are the homeowner’s responsibilities:

Filling nail holes before painting or staining.
Staining or painting casings and window returns.

Window World offers a nail hole filling and painting service at an additional charge.
Please consult our Renovation Consultant for details..

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