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Changing your siding changes everything – from new homes looking to stay current for years to come to older homes being renovated for the future, we have you covered! With GENTEK siding, we can offer the colours, finish, look, and cost to fit your style and your budget. 

We will work with you and your contractor to determine the best product for your home, and we are here to back up the product with our warranty program. 

Why settle for less than perfect when it comes to your home? Get the best for less with GENTEK Siding. 

MDF Moulding

Medium density fiberwood (or MDF) is a hybrid material used in the production of many architectural elements for home and office, including crown moulding, wainscoting and baseboards.

With MDF mouldings the smooth, traditional surface feel of stone has been restored and while some will notice little difference many discerning architects and homeowners welcomed the return to form. Some of the other characteristics of MDF mouldings that make them such a sought after design element include:

Affordability – One of the major advantages of MDF trim and mouldings is its low cost. Natural wood mouldings are often far more expensive and may not be available in exactly the type of wood you’re looking for. Also, if you make a mistake during the installation of your MDF crown mouldings, the error won’t break your bank.

Ease of Finish – As mentioned above, MDF is free of the grain and knots of natural wood. This not only produces a smoother, old world, stone-type surface but means that when you paint it there are no knots or heavy grain elements to bleed through the paint.

Stability – MDF is more resistant to fluctuations in heat and humidity than wood. Where many types of wood are prone to expansion and contraction, MDF mouldings demonstrates greater stability, meaning you’re less likely to experience cracking and warping.

Environmentally Responsible – MDF trim and mouldings are made from a high percentage of pre-consumer recycled wood materials making it a smart, green alternative to the harvesting of increasingly scarce, natural hardwoods.

MDF is one of today’s most versatile building materials. Affordable, attractive, easy to work with and eco-friendly, MDF mouldings are the choice of smart developers and homeowners seeking to maximize value while achieving an upscale, timeless look.