Top Considerations When Choosing New Windows

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Are you on the edge of making one of the smartest upgrades you’ve ever done for your home? When it comes to getting a return on investment, replacement windows are hard to beat. But picking out new windows isn’t as simple as pointing at a picture in a catalog. There are a lot of details to consider. After all, you’re going to have those windows for a really long time. You don’t want to be stuck with a purchase you’re not completely happy with.

At Window World, customer satisfaction is our top priority. When you’re happy, everybody wins. That’s why we’ve put together this list of top considerations when choosing new windows. Take a quick peek and see if you’ve thought of everything.


New windows come with new features. It is important to take a few moments to think about what features matter most to you. Some windows can be opened and will allow air to flow in. Some windows do not open and are meant to let the light in. Bow and bay windows can give you an area to put a place to sit and enjoy a good book or a spot to place plants and decorations that sparkle in the sunlight. Single hung and Double hung windows are great for letting a little light in, but where they shine is in how easy they are to clean.


If aesthetics are important to you, you’re going to want to take into consideration the style of windows you’ll be putting in. Windows with grills may be perfect for a Colonial or Cape Cod style home, but you might want to go with a double hung if you have a cottage style home. Round portholes may be perfect for a Victorian or Neo-Victorian home, but a modern home will look better with casement windows. It also matters where you place the window. Even if the window style complements the style of your home it can look out of place if it is put in the wrong spot.

Vinyl Windows Vs. Wood Windows

vinyl windows moncton wood windows riverviewThis is it, folks! It’s the fighting event of the year! It has come down to the two most popular choices for replacement windows. Vinyl windows versus wood windows. In every town and province across Canada, this is the battle of the century! Who will it be?

Issues and Benefits of Wood Windows

In one corner, weighing in at approximately 20 to 30 pounds per average size window, this classic wood window has a lot to offer. The intimate relationship you will have these windows is certain. You will get to know each and every corner of the frame when you clean it.

Wood window maintenance can be tedious if you do not start out with the right quality of windows. Just think how well you will know all its angles, corners and designs when you have to sand, scrape and repaint/stain it.

You will need to check the cladding and trim regularly for any cracks that may allow water to penetrate the wood frame. A moist or wet wood frame can be lots of trouble, it’s important to choose wood windows that have been properly treated with water-repellent preservative. A warped frame is a weakness that might be a knock-out of the wood window. Another important point is the cost of wood windows vs vinyl: on average wood windows are more expensive than vinyl windows.

However, we must also mention that no other kind of window comes close to wood in terms of the beauty, elegance, and charm it can bring to a home. Wood windows from Window World are made from select clear pine that is kiln-dried and treated to prevent shrinking, swelling, and splitting; with glass systems that meet the ENERGY STAR requirements. Wood windows are also very easy to customize to your own specific style, it can be easily painted, stained or even clad with aluminum.

Issues and Benefits of Vinyl Windows

In the other corner, weighing in at approximately 20 to 30 pounds per average size window, this new, sleek vinyl replacement window is made to your custom specifications. It is made to perfectly fit your needs. With many colors and styles to choose from this is YOUR window. A strong, independent window. It will not require any of your time or money for maintenance.

With no wood components, you don’t have to be concerned about moisture or warping it. Energy efficiency is its middle name. Keeping your homes indoor temperature stable is what it’s fighting for.

This reliable, efficient, sleek window will not fail you nor will it give up. Standing tall until the last bell, this replacement vinyl window from Window World comes with one of the best warranties in the business. Nothing and no one can knock it out.

Wood Windows vs. Vinyl Windows: You Decide the Winner!

Wood windows may be a traditional look and style, but that doesn’t mean that they are the best window to choose. Replacing wood windows with vinyl is also very common with owners of older homes because of all the advantages of vinyl windows. In this battle of vinyl windows vs. wood windows, vinyl reigns supreme. Replacement vinyl windows from Window World are a triple threat. They are less expensive to purchase, ultra-low to maintain, and extremely energy efficient. Whichever replacement window option you choose, choose Window World if you want the best.

Vinyl Windows

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Vinyl Window Buying Guide

Air leaks from old windows can make your home feel drafty and lead to high utility bills. Replacing old windows with vinyl windows is a cost-effective way to preserve both your comfort and your home’s value. Learn what to look for in a vinyl window with our vinyl window buying guide.

Benefits of Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are a cost-efficient way to replace drafty windows and improve the value of your home, with a much lower price point than wood windows. Vinyl windows are maintenance-free once installed and they come in a wide range of colors.

Energy Efficient Vinyl Windows Features

Vinyl windows are also highly energy efficient. A few of the top desired energy efficient features include:

  • Argon gas insertion – Filling the space between the panes of glass with argon gas, an inert substance, decreases air transfer between the panes of glass. This means more energy efficiency and more comfort in the home.
  • Low-E glass – Low-E glass, which stands for low-emissivity, blocks UV rays without affecting light. Since the sun’s rays are reflected back into the atmosphere, your home stays cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
  • Triple-pane glass – The more panes of glass in your window, the more energy-efficient. Replace old single-pane windows with double or triple-pane glass to start saving money every month.

The Energy Star designation indicates windows that have significant energy saving benefits. By choosing Energy Star windows, you can maximize the value and ROI of replacement windows.

Vinyl Windows Styles

windows and doors monctonYou’ll find vinyl windows available in all the common window types, including:

  • Double hung windows
  • Bay windows
  • Bow windows
  • Casement windows
  • Single hung windows
  • Awning windows
  • Single & Double Glider (side slider) windows
  • Tilt & Turn windows
  • Fixed/Picture (non-operating) 

Double-hung windows – Choose our double hung windows when ease of cleaning and air flow are your top priorities. The top and bottom sashes slide up and down and stay in position, providing increased air flow into your home. Both sashes also tilt in for quick and easy cleaning of the entire window. And because our double hung windows do not open outward, they’re an excellent choice for rooms that face decks, porches and walkways.

Bay and bow windows – can let in a great amount of light and call attention to your home. They work well for reading nooks, and other decorative features.

Casement windows – Our best performing windows against snow, wind and rain. Designed to keep harsh weather out, our casement windows are energy efficient, reliable and practical. They are a good idea for locations where it’s not easy to reach over and open the window, such as a laundry room or over the kitchen sink. They open out via dual or single-arm crank operators and are hinged at the side, making them a great choice for the main and upper levels of your home.

Single hung windows – single hung windows are easy to clean and take up no additional space when open. The bottom sash slides up to open, stays in place, and tilts in for quick and easy cleaning. Since our single hung windows do not open outward, they’re a great choice for rooms that face decks, porches and walkways. Enjoy reduced energy costs with our improved version of this classic window design.

Awning windows – An outstanding choice when air circulation and ease of use are paramount. Our awning windows are hinged at the side and swing out from the bottom, providing excellent ventilation even during light rain. They’re easy to use and built to withstand harsh weather. Pair awning windows with larger fixed windows on the main and upper floors of your home to enjoy both the view and air flow. Casement and Awning windows look and perform the same. 

Single & Double Glider (side slider) windows – Our glider windows are easy to use and easy to clean. One sash slides side to side in our single glider, while our double glider allows both sashes to operate independently and easily for increased ventilation. Both options have sashes that tilt in and lift out of the frame for easy cleaning. Glider windows are often found in basements but are an outstanding choice for any room in your home.

Tilt & Turn windows – Our innovative tilt & turn windows offer unmatched versatility. Enjoy the best features of casement, fixed and tilting designs with our elegant and simple tilt & turn windows. They tilt inward from the top for draft-free ventilation even during rain or, with a simple turn of the handle, open inward just like a door for maximum ventilation and easy cleaning. When closed, our tilt & turn windows appear just as elegant as our fixed windows. They’re a fantastic choice for any room in the main and upper levels of your home.

Fixed/Picture (non-operating) windows – Add visual appeal to your home and let in more natural light with our fixed windows. Fixed windows do not open or operate in any way. Instead, they can dramatically improve the appearance of any room in your home, especially when paired with larger, functional windows or installed around doors. Fixed windows also allow you to explore unique shapes and sizes, providing nearly unlimited possibilities. Available with or without sash

Rebates from NB Power Are Back!

There are a number of energy-efficient products that are designed to reduce your electricity use and help you save money on your energy bills. And when you take ad


vantage of the rebates on eligible products, you’ll be saving twice.

New rebates starting April 6!

NB Power has announced that doors an windows are again eligible add-on products – helping you save money both on the product and then again on your power bill. We all know how quickly energy bills can skyrocket, and every change adds up! 

When you add new windows and doors to an overall energy efficiency upgrade, you’ll save even more – NB Power is working to help you save…and you can’t get anything better than that! 


Spring Window & Door Check-up in 5 Easy Steps

patio doors monctonSpring is the ideal time to do window and door maintenance. After the long cold winter months, it is a good idea to check the condition and function of all the windows and doors in your cottage or home. In addition to enhancing the lifespan of windows and doors, proper upkeep also leads to lower energy bills by helping you maintain comfortable indoor temperatures.

Here are 5 Valuable Window & Door tips from our experts:

  • Examine the functioning of every window and door. Check by opening and closing them fully several times, looking for spaces where air might escape, any sticking or movement issues. This will give you an idea of whether they are operating properly or need maintenance or repair.
  • Examine window and door hardware. Clean dust and grime off of all hinges. Tighten loose screws.  Casement and double-hung windows may need some lock adjustments. Look around the sashes and glass for mildew stains and treat with a recommended, appropriate cleaner.
  • Inspect screens for tears and holes. Clear tracks of debris and ensure that screens are sliding properly on them. Also determine if glass patio doors are sliding correctly on their tracks. You can lubricate the tracks on the screens and the gliding patio doors. Rather than use WD40 or an oil-based spray, we recommend using a silicon spray because it dries to a nice, slippery film and unlike oil, it will not collect dirt or gum up the wheels or rollers.
  • Check caulking: Look for caulking that has shrunk, cracked or pulled away from the exterior framing and replace it. Caulking is critical to preventing water from entering your home or cottage.
  • Inspect weather stripping and door sweeps closely.  Look for missing pieces, tears and damages. It is not uncommon for windows and doors to get stuck to the weather stripping in the winter causing rips, tears or alignment issues. Ensure that weather stripping and sweeps are intact and replace them if necessary.sunroom installation moncton